The first National Compressors Conference Report


About Conference

Nowadays compressed air as the fourth power source of industries ranging from oil,gas and petrochemical,mining and mineral processing industry,food industry,automotive industry,textile and many other industries,has many applications. Unique advantages such as ability to be stored,the ability to switch to a higher pressure and usability at higher temperatures have an important role in the development and operation of compressed air systems. But in the meantime what is important is optimal management of the systems and equipment Specially compressors(heart of compressed air systems) in order to reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs,extend the useful life of equipment and ultimately increase productivity that only through a comprehensive and updated technical knowledge,exchange experiences with other professionals and usage skills can be possible.

Therefore,the Conference on compressors(Iran Compressor Conference) at the largest and most prestigious event specialized in the field of compressors is trying to provide practical solutions needed for the exchange of experiences. information and the latst achievements related to the field of comprssors to develop,promote transfer of technology for managers,professionals. experts and technicians working in industries.


Conference Topic

The Conference Will Focus On:

  1. Newest Models Of Compressor Selection,Design and Engineering
  3. Energy Efficiency
  5. Compressor Renovation
  7. The Latest Maintenance and Repair Procedures Of Compressors.
  9. Compressors Manufacturing